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Corporate Welfare and flexibility plan


In an increasingly dynamic and competitive world, the importance of corporate welfare is becoming more and more evident.

Corporate welfare is of fundamental importance as it promotes employee well-being, creating a positive and stimulating work environment. Investing in corporate welfare makes it possible to increase employee satisfaction, improve productivity and promote the retention of qualified personnel. Additionally, a robust corporate welfare program demonstrates the company’s concern and care for its employees, helping to build a strong and successful corporate culture.

Overall, social responsibility and corporate welfare are fundamental and today essential components for the success and sustainability of a company. Investing in the well-being of employees and the surrounding community creates a positive work environment, promotes engagement and increases productivity. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to society, generating trust and long-term value for employees, customers and the wider stakeholders.


We are pleased to announce that C.R. Technology Systems recently introduced a new and improved welfare plan to promote employee well-being. This initiative represents a major step forward in improving the work-life balance of the entire Team.

The new plan offers a wide range of benefits covering various aspects of employee life, including sports, health, pensions, well-being, transport and leisure. We have created a wide choice of options to allow each individual to tailor their welfare package to suit their needs.

In addition, we have included special prizes to celebrate team members’ personal achievements (such as marriages or births) in order to support personal ambitions.

We continue to invest in training, offering specific courses to allow all employees to expand their skills and integrate existing knowledge. We firmly believe that professional development is a crucial element for the individual and collective success of both our employees and the company as a whole.

To promote a balanced work environment, we have introduced greater flexibility, allowing employees to optimally manage their time and to combine personal and professional commitments.

We are also proud to have celebrated the launch of this new welfare plan with a meeting of the whole team. This moment allowed us to further strengthen team spirit and promote the importance of team building. We strongly believe that collaboration between individuals with different personalities and skills is essential for the growth and improvement of the company. Together, we are able to achieve extraordinary results and create an inspiring and satisfying work environment for everyone.

We will continue to invest in the well-being of the Team, as we firmly believe that their success is the success of C.R. technology systems. We are excited to see the benefits this new plan will bring to both the company and the lives of all employees.