N.7 Photovoltaic Plants for a total Power of 15 MW

Granma, Pinar del Rio, Ciego da Avila, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo (Cuba)


The project, which has allowed to produce energy locally, has included n. 7 photovoltaic plants located in 5 different Cuban provinces: Granma, Pinar del Rio, Ciego da Avila, Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo.

Each plant has included ISO containers 1000-20 Solar station for photovoltaic installations, medium-voltage (MV) metal-enclosed ATR-Ring switchgears 13.8kV 630A 16kA and 34.5kV 630A 16kA, with a frequency of 60Hz, low-voltage (LV) Euro P&C and Euro SDS switchgears 220/127V control. The system can be remotely monitored thanks to the installation of a SCADA system and n. 2 RTU panels. Each plant has also included a P127 protection relay, current transformers, power transformers, auxiliary services transformer, weather station, a shelter consisting of a control room and accommodation for the operator, that includes air-conditioning system, toilet facilities, distribution brush, medium-voltage aluminum conductors and connectors, ground mesh system, support equipment.

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