N. 100 Medium-Voltage (MV) Normal Clad Columns

Moscow (Russia)






Project, realized for Russia, has been studied and built ad hoc for an electrical substation.

Includes the design, construction and supply of 4 medium voltage armored switchboards Normal Clad 12kV 1250A 25kA, consisting of 100 cells, destined for an electrical substation.

Related projects

Implementation of Electric Substations 34,5kV and 13,8kV

Artemisa (Cuba)

The project has involved the implementation of the supply of materials for the 34,5kV and 13,8kV electrical substations in the port area of Artemisa.

Medium-Voltage Switchgears (MV) ATR-ring 36kV 630A 16kA

Artemisa (Cuba)

The project has been carried out in Artemisa, an important industrial center in Cuba.