E-house for energy distribution

Moscow (Russia)


The project consists of an e-house for energy distribution, addressed to a Russian client.

It has included an E-House ISO container 20' with radial configuration 630kVA 34,5/0,48 kV, containing two auxiliary service transformers, two medium-voltage (MV) ATR-Ring cubicles and low-voltage (LV) panels Euro-P&C 480/277V 60Hz, auxiliary service panels in AC and DC, internal lighting system, firefighting system.

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Artemisa (Cuba)

Our engineers and technicians have studied, designed and assembled electrical equipment addressed to a rooftop photovoltaic system 1.8MWP in an industrial area in Artemisa (Cuba).

Photovoltaic Plants 10MWp

Venegas, Matanzas, Camagüey, Mayajigua (Cuba)

The project includes n. 4 photovoltaic plants, with a total of 10MWp, located in 4 sites, situated in 3 different provinces of the Cuban Republic. It is part of the implementation plan of the Cuban economic development program, with the aim to reach a total of 700MW photovoltaic power supply by 2030.