Cayo Coco and Cayo Romano (Cuba)


Our Engineering Hub has studied and developed n. 22 Normal Clad medium-voltage (MV) Duplex cubicles, Euro-SDS low-voltage (LV) panels, transformer protection panels, SCADA system and auxiliary equipment, designed for two electrical substations serving generation plants with generating sets, in the area of ​​Cayo Coco and Cayo Romano (in Cuba).

In detail, Normal Clad Duplex switchgears are destined for:

  • N. 11 Duplex cubicles for Bazan substation 24kV 1250A 25kA (3s)
  • N. 11 Duplex cubicles for Man substation 24kV 1250A 25kA (3s)

Each Duplex cubicle is equipped with two compartments, where are placed two circuit-breakers or voltage transformers (VT), in the case of a measurement cubicle. The compartments are designed with their own feeder connection cable outlet, common to the same point of MV cable connection.
Duplex features are particularly suitable for large electrical substations such as those of Bazan and Man, that require continuity of the system, because they guarantee higher plant reliability and, in the event of a failure, the switchgear can return in service in a few hours.
The plant safety is also ensured by protection relays and arc-fault detection and temperature sensors.

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