ISO Container – eHouse

The marine ISO container is a solution that could be set up and tested in-house, with the aim to be quickly installed on site later. The marine ISO container 20’ and 40’ consists of a one-piece self-supporting metal structure, with internal separating walls and normalised corner blocks suitable for lifting and positioning. The container’s dimensions and its sturdiness guarantee a high level of stiffness, thus making it suitable for an easy shipping. The container is sea-shipping approved, stackable and it is not necessary to disassemble it, due to its structure.

Technical features
  • ISO Container 20’ and 40’

  • Sea-shipping approved

  • Additional internal equipment: medium voltage (MV) switchgears, low voltage (LV) switchgears, power transformer, inverter, SCADA system, electrical installations, fire-fighting system, weather station, air-conditioning system, auxiliary, UPS, batteries, CCTV

  • High-resistant coating for saltiness and humidity

  • Indoor earthing systems

  • Customized design of the base and the interior spaces, accordingly with the layout of the equipment

  • Double-side tailgates and optional hydraulic pistons to build the floor and roof of two further side aisles

  • Installation on slab, or on raised supports

  • Lighting system with internal control panel and emergency lighting

  • Construction, configuration and application flexibility

  • Suitable for road and sea transportation

  • High level of robustness and mechanical resistance

  • Compactness

  • Short installation times

  • Oil & gas

  • Railway sector

  • Smart grid

  • Utility on primary and secondary distribution grids

  • Mobile substations

  • Photovoltaic plants

  • Wind power stations

  • Hydroelectric power stations

  • Other electric energy generation plants

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