Supply of equipment for the energy block in the National Centre

Artemisa (Cuba)


The project, carried out in the industrial district called “National Center” located in Artemisa, has consisted of the supply of materials, products and systems, for the installation of medium-voltage distribution STC-Box shelters.

The project has included the realization and supply of air-insulated (AIS) medium-voltage (MV) ATR switchgears, and gas-insulated (GIS) ATR-Ring switchgears 34,5kV 630A 16kA with a frequency of 60Hz. In addition, the shelters have included the supply of auxiliary service panels in CC and CA, transformers insulated in epoxy resin with a power of 1000 kV and UPS. The project has also involved a SCADA supervision and control system.

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Indoor Electrical Substation “Casco Histórico” 110/13.8kV

Varadero (Cuba)

This project has the peculiarity of being installed inside a building specifically designed in respect of the surrounding environment, notoriously recognized for its touristic value.

Photovoltaic Plants 10MWp

Venegas, Matanzas, Camagüey, Mayajigua (Cuba)

The project includes n. 4 photovoltaic plants, with a total of 10MWp, located in 4 sites, situated in 3 different provinces of the Cuban Republic. It is part of the implementation plan of the Cuban economic development program, with the aim to reach a total of 700MW photovoltaic power supply by 2030.