STC-BOX: Distribudora Plant

Havana (Cuba)


The project is an STC-Box designed for the electrical supply of public lighting systems, covering a vast area in Cuban provinces.

It has included the design, construction and commissioning of a pre-assembles modular STC-Box containing N. 16 medium-voltage (MV) gas-insulated switchgear panels ATR-Ring 36kV 630A 16kA 60Hz, N. 2 (LV) switchboards Euro-SDS 220/127 V 60HZ, n. 2 power transformer, SCADA system, auxiliary electrical material.
The STC-Box is connected to n. 12 STC-Kiosk with ring configuration, featured as follow:

  • N. 2 100kVA 34,5/0,415/0,240 kV
  • N. 5 630kVA 34,5/0,415/0,240kV
  • N. 5 300kVA 34,5/0,415/0,240 kV
Each including a low-voltage switchboard EURO P&C for the monitoring of public lighting system. Total number of STC-Kiosk depends on customer needs and can be implemented up to the maximum power of the plant.

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