Public lighting 30/200/750 Lux

Havana – Plaza de la Revolución (Cuba)


The ambitious project, carried out in just three months and inaugurated on the occasion of the May 1st, 2019 parade, guarantees a high energy-efficient lighting system in the stunning Plaza de la Revolucion.

The plant includes n. 2 low (LV) and medium voltage (MV) compact substations STC-Kiosk and n. 8 light towers (n. 4 of which are 35 meters high and n. 4 are 38 meters high). The lamps can operate at three different lighting levels. Each installation includes:

  • 30 lux during the night;
  • 250 lux for events;
  • 750 lux when concerts or television events take place.
The system works with LED lamps, white light tonality, mounted on movable crowns, which allow easy programming of maintenance and preventing possible damage in the event of tropical storms and/or hurricanes. Each tower consists of 22-24 lamps with a power between 500 W and 800 W. This guarantees an excellent level of lighting distribution over the entire square. The towers are in galvanized iron, obtained through an electrochemical process that allows the iron to be coated with zinc, in order to protect it from corrosion and to expand its lifecycle. The public LED lighting solution guarantees high energy-efficiency with low environmental impact.

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Havana (Cuba)

The project has involved the design, construction and installation of the entire lighting system for the luxury Manzana de Gomez hotel, designed in European style by the architect José Gómez-Mena Vila, and its nearby street. The project has included LED lamps 3700K 90-295V AC 60Hz up to 36W IP65.

Lighting system

Capo Bon, Korba, Sbikha, Sbeitla e Feriana di Scogat (Tunisia)

The project has included the dismantling of old lighting fixtures and the installation of more technological lamps, aimed at optimizing the lighting system in the areas of Capo Bon, Korba, Sbikha, Sbeitla and Feriana of Scogat, in Tunisia.