MV/MV Electrical substation 13.8/34.5kV 50MVA

Cayo Cruz (Cuba)


Study, design, construction and supply of electrical substation equipment addressed to n. 8 diesel turbines in Cayo Cruz, Cuba.

  • N. 36 MV AIS Metal Clad switchgear cubicles 34.5kV and 13.8kV with Arc-proof system
  • Power transformer 25MVA
  • Low-voltage panels Euro SDS
  • Protection panels Euro P&C
  • SCADA system
  • HVAC system
  • Firefighting plant

Our Engineers have developed the protection and automation SCADA system with a new and more user-friendly Human-Machine Interface, that allows better fruition and control of the energy plant. In order to allow parallel monitoring from different operator control rooms, we installed two servers with primary and secondary SCADA systems.

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Kinshasa (Congo)

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Underground Cable 100km 132kV for Substation Interconnection

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