Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchgears 6,3kV 2000A 25kA for “10 de Octubre” Thermoelectric Power Station

Nuevitas (Cuba)


The project had been carried out in the tourist area of Nuevitas, in the province of Camagüey and it has included the renewal of the thermoelectric power station “10 October”.

Design and implementation of n. 27 medium-voltage Normal Clad switchgears 6,3kV 2000A 25kA (3s), with a frequency of 60Hz, low-voltage (LV) control panels SDS and spare parts for the modernization of unit six of the thermoelectric plant.

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Yauyos (Perù)

Outdoor installation of medium-voltage metal clad switchgears Normal Clad 12,6kV 630A 25kA (3s), IP65 degree of protection, galvanized with Sendzimir process, to grant switchgear protection against dust and pollution in mining applications.

N. 22 Medium-Voltage shelters containing ATR switchgears

Puerto Cabello (Venezuela)

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