Camagüey (Cuba)


Camagüey is a popular holiday destination in Cuba, where the recent increase in the power demand has made it necessary to invest in the implementation of new electrical substations.

We have carried out the design, construction and installation of the new Alto Aji substation that will power the surrounding hotel facilities and tourist structures. The substation is equipped with:

  • Air-insulated (AIS) medium voltage (MV) electrical switchgear Normal Clad 24kV 1250A 25kA (n. 20 cubicles)
  • Medium voltage electrical switchgear 36kV1250A 25kA (n. 14 cubicles)
  • Power transformers 25MVA
  • Auxiliary transformers
  • Low-voltage (LV) switchboards Euro-SDS
  • Protection panels Euro-P&C
  • SCADA system
  • Video operation
  • Firefighting protection
  • Auxiliary equipment

We have studied a solution appropriate to the tough environmental condition of Cuba, which is subject to hurricanes and strong winds. Moreover, the plant has to be carried out in harmony with the surrounding area, in order to safeguard the architecture and visual impact of this attractive landscape.

For these reasons, the electrical substation is set up inside a building, which protects and hides the electrical equipment, and the interconnection with a further substation, that we are implementing soon, will be carried out through underground cable.

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Artemisa (Cuba)

Our engineers and technicians have studied, designed and assembled electrical equipment addressed to a rooftop photovoltaic system 1.8MWP in an industrial area in Artemisa (Cuba).

High-Voltage (HV) Electrical Substation 34,5kV

Artemisa (Cuba)

The project has been carried out in the famous industrial center in Artemisa. It has included accessories for an electrical substation 34,5kV and the associated substation "Switching Center".