MV E-House 36kV for Artemisa development area

Artemisa (Cuba)






The Distribudora III project is addressed to an industrial district in Artemisa, in Cuba, and it is part of a collaboration work started in 2015.

It is an e-House compact and pre-assembled substation STC-Box for secondary distribution, equipped with:
- MV gas-insulated ATR-Ring switchgear 36kV 630A 16kA (n. 15 cubicles)
- Transformers
- LV panels Euro-SDS 415/240V 60Hz
- SCADA system
- Firefighting system
- Auxiliary equipment
It is a plug-in solution with a modular pre-mounted structure. The external cladding is in steel panels epoxy painted with thermal insulation, while the internal coating is in steel sheet treated and epoxy painted.
This solution is aimed at increasing the growing industrial center of Artemisa, which represents the pole of the sustainable economic restart of Cuba, thanks to foreign investments, technological innovation and cooperation among industries, ensuring at the same time the environmental protection.

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