Cable for Interconnection of Substations: Varadero, Casco Histórico e Hicacos

Varadero (Cuba)


The project has seen the laying and set up of the line cable 123kV with double circuit of 43km for the interconnection of high-voltage substations (HV) in the Varadero Casco Histórico and other high-voltage substations. The present installation has been carried out between the Casco Histórico and Hicacos.

The necessary equipment has been installed for the start-up of the cable line 123kV, for the interconnection of high-voltage substations (HV)

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Wooden poles for public lighting

Havana (Cuba)

The project has included the study, working and supply of Sylvester Pine wooden poles from Scandinavia (Finland, Norway, Sweden).
They are 11 and 12 meters high and are treated with creosote: a material used to ensure long-lasting wood conservation.

MV E-House 20kV for photovoltaic plant

Cipollaretta (Italy)

Design and construction of an E-House, for the Alzo electrical substation, carried out by our Sister Company C.R. Project Service. It is connected to the largest photovoltaic system in the Viterbo area and occupies 101 hectares in the Cipollaretta area.