N. 62 E-Houses 13.8kV and 34.5kV for electrical grid

Havana (Cuba)






Design, realization and supply of STC-Kiosk electrical substations for secondary distribution, aimed to implementing the national grid of the entire island of Cuba.

This is an important project, result of a lasting collaboration with our Caribbean customers. In fact, the twenty-year partnership with this customer is a result of mutual satisfaction, where the respective skills converge to the realization of common projects and the achievement of planned goals.

We have designed and constructed n. 62 STC-Kiosk compact electrical substations, as follow:

  • N. 13 STC-Kiosk 100kKA 13,8kV/415-240V
  • N. 1 STC-Kiosk 50 kVA 13,8 kV /220-127V
  • N. 3 STC-Kiosk 630 kVA 13,8 kV /220-127V
  • N. 1 STC-Kiosk 150 kVA 13,8 kV /415-240V
  • N. 4 STC-Kiosk 400 kVA 13,8 kV /415-240V
  • N. 3 STC-Kiosk 630 kVA 13,8 kV /415-240V
  • N. 2 STC-Kiosk 1000 kVA 13,8 kV /415-240V
  • N. 5 STC-Kiosk 1250 kVA 13,8 kV /415-240V
  • N. 6 STC-Kiosk 630 kVA 13,8 kV /415-240V
  • N. 7 STC-Kiosk 400 kVA 34,5kV /415-240V
  • N. 9 STC-Kiosk 630 kVA 34,5 kV /415-240V
  • N. 8 STC-Kiosk 400 kVA 34,5kV /415-240V
The transformation centres include:
• Gas-insulated (GIS) medium-voltage (MT) electrical switchgraes ATR-Ring
• Low-voltage (LV) panels Euro-PC 220/127V 200A 25kA
• RTU panels
• Power transformers
• Firefighting system, installed inside the shelter

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N. 4 MV E-Houses 34.5kV for industrial area

Havana (Cuba)

The project was addressed to the developing industrial center of Artemisa and included the engineering study, construction, and commissioning of compact substations for energy distribution and electrical equipment for the substation interconnection.

N. 6 Transformation cabins 13.8kV and 34.5kV for electrical grid

Havana (Cuba)

The project has involved the engineering, construction and supply of n. 6 STC-Kiosk, which have been integrated into the Cuban public grid. These small size substations have been refined with high-resistant painting, suitable for Caribbean humid and saline environments, and customized with internal equipment.