C.R. Project Service

C.R. Project Service: an innovative start-up

It provides turn-key services, from the design, to the building site and the O&M of renewable energy plants. The founding partners are Carlo Rovelli and Carlo Arcangeli, who by combining their expertise respectively of entrepreneur and founder of C.R. Technology Systems, the first, and technical director with a large experience in building sites, the latter, started a company highly specialized in connection facility of photovoltaic systems, soon becoming one of the Terna Group partners.

The key strengths that characterize C.R. Project Service team and make it an authoritative and recognizable interlocutor in the Italian energy market, are:

Key strengths
  • Project management

  • Expertize in photovoltaic systems

  • Electrical installation expertize

  • Site management

  • Operation & maintenance

  • Construction of connection facility

  • Testing & commissioning

Main references
  • User substation in Macchiareddu 150/20kv 70 MVA and realization of high and medium-voltage connection cables

  • User substation 150/20kv 30 MVA for Tosti Energia photovoltaic system and realization of high and medium-voltage connection cables

  • Electrical works, cable laying equipment, cabling and commissioning tests in the photovoltaic plants of Vivaldi and Paganini

  • Turn-key user electrical substation addressed to Macchiareddu photovoltaic system

The future
  • Enlarging the clean energy target market, on the basis of the new Italian energy policy orientation

  • Reinforcing synergies with C.R. Technology Systems, in order to optimize and integrate the EPC contractor role in both institutional and civil fields

Contacts of C.R. Project Service
C.R. Project Service S.r.l.
Str. Pian del Cerro, 11
01100 Viterbo VT – Italia
Tel. +39 0761 344572

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