Photovoltaic Plant

The Aztecs liked to call themselves “The people of the Sun”, in the East the cult of Sol Invictus was born and among the same Romans, with Aurelian and Constantine, the worship of the Sun was a strong element of cohesion.

In the history of mankind, the sun and the energy that it generates represented the pivotal element of life. The present and the future cannot exist without this inexhaustible source of natural energy.

Love of the history and the environment has inspired the company for over 25 years to design and manufacture photovoltaic plants, wishing, in its own way, to demonstrate to the Sun passion and professional dedication.

The company is very proud of its experience in both stand-alone applications, far from the electrical network, and grid connected plants for energy saving in electrified areas. In this sector, which for obvious geographic reasons we define strategic for Italy, we can be considered an EPC contractor market leader.

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