Solar Water Pump

The solar photovoltaic pumping systems, despite being competitive from an economic point of view, stand out for reliability and require minimal maintenance over time.
It can work trouble free up to 5 years of activity, without the need for any maintenance.

The solar pumping systems are the ideal solution for people who live in remote areas of our planet, far from the grid, who choose to have a valuable and reliable system for water needs.

The water supply for human use and for agricultural irrigation is solved definitively with the solar pumping systems. We offers a diversified range of pumps for size, type, depth of the well and its scope.

In this way it aims to optimize the offer according to the real needs of the customer, by choosing the most suitable and least expensive solution.

But how does a solar pumping system work? In practice the pump, powered by electricity generated by solar panels, during daytime, pumps water to storage tanks to be used according to your needs. For more information please download the brochure in pdf or contact us directly.

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