Our relationship with CICI provides sustainable solutions for the Cuban tourism market.

Last Friday, we had the honor of receiving a visit from the main representatives of the institutional delegation of Cuban tourism at our production site in Zanica. This meeting was organized thanks to our collaborative relationship with the CICI (Comitato Imprenditoriale Cuba Italia) association, which acted as an intermediary between Italian companies working in Cuba.

Among the participants in the meeting, there were also the representatives of Fintur, Mintur (Ministerio del Turismo), Get (Grupo Electronica para el Turismo), and ITH, important organizations operating in the tourism sector. We are very proud to have had the opportunity to show them our production site and introduce them to our corporate reality.

The visit of Cuban tourism representatives was an important opportunity to consolidate our precious and long-lasting bond with the Cuban market. As a company, we are engaged in the realization of many projects destined for the most famous tourist areas of this Caribbean island.

Tourism represents the most profitable sector for Cuba and we have acquired a very wide range of knowledge in this sphere, thanks to the implementation of electrification projects in well-known tourist areas (such as Havana, Varadero, Cayeria Norte, Holgín) and works in the field of lighting for hotels and main roads and points of interest, including Plaza de la Revolución.

Our company is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the Cuban tourism market, which improve the experience of tourists and the quality of life in local communities.
We are very satisfied with the success achieved to date and look to the future with optimism, convinced that our commitment and experience will allow us to continue providing cutting-edge solutions for the Cuban tourism market.

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