MV/MV Substation 34.5/13.8kV 6.3MVA

Pesquero (Cuba)


Design, construction and installation of electrical equipment destined for the revamping and empowerment of an outdoor electrical substation MV/MV 34.5/13.8kV serving a tourist center located in the province of Holguín (Cuba).

In particular, the electrical substation will provide electricity to n. 6 hotels for a total number of 3.899 rooms, 1 shopping center, the Pesquero bio park (a natural reserve completed with facilities for tourists) and n. 2 waste disposal plants.
The substation configuration includes:

  • N. 2 medium-voltage (MV) air-insulated (AIS) switchgears 24kV and 36kV 1250A 25kA equipped with withdrawable circuit-breakers
  • Low voltage (LV) panels 220/127V 60Hz
  • PACiS SCADA system
  • Power and current transformers 6.3MVA
  • Automatic switching system
  • Internal arc detection sensors (arc-protection)
  • Climatization, lighting and firefighting systems
  • Auxiliary equipment
The project is designed for the replacement of all substation equipment, damaged from the Ike Hurricane and constructed to guarantee a flexible and adequate solution to the clients' needs, paying attention to the high salinity levels and tropical temperatures of the area.

The SCADA system, interconnected to the national grid, will allow the substation to be fully automated and remotely operated, thus ensuring quick intervention on the plant.

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