Compact substations 34,5kV

Cayo Paredon Grande (Cuba)






Design, supply and implementation of the compact substations “Cayo Paredon - Anton čechov” and “Cayo Cruz” 34,5kV in the Cayo Paredon Grande area, located in the north of archipelago Cayo Romano, in Camagüey.

The compact substation “Anton Čechov” and “Cayo Cruz” 34,5kV 60Hz each consist of a marine ISO container 40’, equipped with thermal insulation system, light system and air conditioning. Inside it has been installed medium-voltage (MV) ATR-ring switchgears 36kV with a frequency of 60Hz, n. 2 dry transformers insulated in resin 220/127V 250kVA, low-voltage (LV) control panels 110V, PMCS system for the acquisition and control of data.

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