High-Voltage (HV) Electrical Substation 34,5kV

Artemisa (Cuba)


The project has been carried out in the famous industrial center in Artemisa. It has included accessories for an electrical substation 34,5kV and the associated substation "Switching Center".

For the construction of the high-voltage electrical substation, the supply has included medium-voltage (MV) Metal Clad switchgears 36kV 1250A 258kA with a frequency of 60Hz for primary distribution, equipped with air-insulated circuit-breakers, protection relays and auxiliary accessories.
The substation also includes a system of auxiliary services in direct current and alternating current (AC/DC), low-voltage (LV) distribution panels Euro-SDS, indoor lighting system, air conditioning, protection system against electric shocks. The project has also included medium-voltage (MV) metal-enclosed ATR switchgears 36kV 630A 25kA with a frequency of 60Hz for secondary distribution. The functionalities of the substations are supervised thanks to the SCADA Pacis system, optical fiber for connection with "ZDIM" electrical substation.

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