HV MV Mobile Substations

It is a complete HV - MV Electrical substation mounted in one or more semi-trailers or skid mounted.

The prefabricated mobile substation is applied to fully or partial replace the conventional substation and resume the power supply in case of emergency; help and area which suffers shortage of power supply capacity in high load season or period; Use as temporary substation in areas with booming power demand that exceed former electric power construction programming, to ease the tension of power supply; Work as a temporary substation in areas that the construction plan of permanent substation suspended due to the capital shortage or other kind of reason.

The prefabricated mobile substation is ease of transportation, well-found, quick and reliable. It also saves investment in various aspects, concerning land requistion, civil construction, equipment installation, etc. It offers higher dependability of power supply in power systems.

The package include:

HV Equipments AIS or GIS
Power Transformer
Auxiliary Transformer
MV Switchgears
LV Panels
Control & Protection Panels
Auxiliary Services Panels
Scada Panels
Telecom Panels

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