Switch MIX-PL

SWITCH MIX-PL is a 3 phase, SF6 gas insulated load break switch (LBS) for overhead power distribution system.

SWITCH MIX-PL series switches have been designed to meet the growing requirements for oil-less maintenance free, long life, maximum safety and possibility to interface with Distribution Automation System (DAS) o SCADA

Available up to 38kV, the SWITCH MIX-PL switch has been designed with the latest SF6 puffer switching technology to achieve high performance and reliability.

The SWITCH MIX-PL (LBS) can be operated both manually by mean of an hook stick or being equipped for automatic operations.

The SWITCH MIX-PL (LBS) provides the answers to all sectionalizing and network automation requirements.

Key Features: 3 built-in current transformers, 6 voltage sensors in bushings, Motor actuator, Surge arrestors brackets, Stainless steel tank sealed for life, Polymeric or Porcelain bushings, Gas pressure indicator, Overpressure bursting disc, Low gas pressure lockout device.

For network automation requirements the SWITCH MIX-PL (LBS) is equipped with our Remote Terminal Unit (RTU type 1) or (RTU type 2), which provides telecontrol and automation interface to customer Master SCADA or DMS.

Some other features will be obtained in this version as local and remote operation, DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-101/104

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